Collagen is an important protein for our skin as well as all the connective tissues of our bodies. If the body can generate more collagen, then it will help rejuvenate the skin and get it looking younger and tighter. That is the brilliance of a procedure called micro needling. This is a collagen induction therapeutic treatment which works to rejuvenate the skin by minimally puncturing it first.

Microneedling uses a device called a “derma roller” which features hundreds of super small needles. The specialist applies the derma roller to the skin so that it gets punctured by the tiny needles. The puncture wounds are practically invisible because of how fine the needles are. There is no bleeding, scarring, redness, or pain involved here at all, despite it being minimally invasive. This might appear as surreal because you are getting punctured, but it truly is painless.

If you have wrinkles, fine lines, visible scars, sun damage, acne, or wide-open pores, then micro needling can effectively treat these conditions. There are very few skin treatments out there which can treat so many diverse imperfections like this. Since microneedle doesn’t involve lasers, medications, or chemicals, more people are starting to take notice of micro needling and the true natural power behind it.

Why Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling inflicts a controlling injury to the area of the skin that you want to treat. Anytime the skin gets injured, it naturally causes the body to start healing the injured skin. This means that the production of elastin and collagen increases to begin the healing process. A micro-injury from these tiny needles will also cause this effect in the body, even though the injury is not serious or visible to the naked eye. As a result, the existing imperfections in the skin will receive the proper amount of collagen and elastin that it needs to reverse these symptoms. You could say that it is a natural “hack” for healing the skin, but it is a hack that works well.

What to Expect Afterward

Microneedling will require multiple sessions before all the imperfections of the skin are gone. After you get your first micro-needling treatment, it is recommended that you wait 4 to 6 weeks before the next one. Most specialists will recommend that you receive at least three treatments in total. If you are trying to reduce the discoloration of your scars, then you may need up to 6 treatments. The time in between the treatments is necessary for the collagen to be adequately produced in the body. If you try rushing the micro-needling treatment by getting them sooner, it will not produce the results that you want. Listen to our specialists because they will be able to guide you properly.

Free Consultation

Microneedling is suitable for virtually anybody, regardless of gender or age. If you are wondering whether this procedure would work for your particular skin imperfections, then you can find out when you request a free consultation with one of our specialists. They will examine your skin condition and refer you to the best treatment possible, whether it be micro needling or some other skin treatment.

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