Laser Hair Removal and What it Can do For You

Thousands of people enjoy the many benefits of Laser Hair Removal, which is a safe and effective way to slow down and eliminate unwanted hair growth in different areas of the body. So, with so many experiencing great results from the procedure, the next question is “Is it right for me?. In order to clarify things, we now take a look at the pros and cons of the treatment.

The Pros

Cost Effective – Whilst the initial cost of laser hair removal can seem a little steep to some, the true value is seen over the long term, as it negates the need for future wax treatments, razors and depilatory creams that are used to keep hair under control. Also, typically speaking, most will not need more than 7 treatments to achieve their goal of permanent hair loss. Once laser treatment has done its job, other hair removal treatments are a no longer needed, saving huge amounts of money over the course of your life….not to mention the time spent doing it! Minimal Side Effects – There are only one or two minor side effects that are caused by laser hair removal and for those that experience them, it typically lasts just a few days. No Hair Growth Required – With treatments like waxing, you need to wait for a certain amount of hair growth to have occurred before repeating it. Not so with laser hair removal. In fact, we recommend that you shave before the procedure, to stop ‘scorching’ of any surface hair present. No more ingrown hairs! – Unlike with epilating, threading and waxing, you don’t have to suffer with unsightly and painful ingrown hairs, razor burns or any kind of skin irritation. In fact, laser treatment can actually improve the condition of any ingrown hairs you have already. A Quick Process – The effects of laser hair removal are felt very soon after completion, with many seeing significant improvements in just a few weeks. Of course, this total time taken will depend on the air being treated, but when compared with years of shaving and waxing, it’s no time at all. 

The Cons

Irritation – Laser treatment can result in a degree of skin irritation, such as tingling, itching, swelling or general redness, but it shouldn’t last more than a few short hours. If you think of what normally happens with standard hair removal treatment, you’ll get a sense of what we mean. No tanning! – During the period you’re having laser hair removal, it’s vital that you cease all tanning, in order to avoid complications. This includes using solariums and even tan from a bottle. It’s a minor inconvenience, but one you’ll have to stick to for the duration. Short term pigment changes – Another temporary side effect can be the skin treatment area becoming a slightly different colour to its surroundings. The pigment change however, usually clears up in no time at all. All things considered, we think laser hair removal is a great, permanent, painless way to get rid of unwanted hair. At Sahar Advanced Aesthetics, we are experienced in a wide array of different beauty treatments like those detailed above. If you’d like to find out more, you can do so by either visiting our website or by calling 714 501 2849. Our friendly, expert team is ready and waiting to answer any queries you might have.