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Chin Treatment

A correctly proportioned chin is one of the key features of attractiveness in both male and females. Men look better with a chin is that is more square, long and wide. In women, a smaller, rounder, more tapered chin is ‘ideal’. On profile view, both sexes should have good projection of their chin.

At The Face Place, we use only the highest quality HA fillers to improve and correct proportions for an overall more balanced look. The dermal fillers we use include the brands Juvederm®️ and Belotero®️. These fillers can project, lengthen, strengthen, build and blend the lower face and chin area.

A great clinician will understand about balance, harmony and proportion, and will discuss this with you as part of your assessment, ensuring natural-looking results.

How is an injectable chin enhancement performed?

You will first have a thorough consultation and assessment, where both you and your clinician will create a tailored plan to help you reach your desired look. You will receive full education so that you feel fully informed to make your own decision. Before photos will be taken and you will then be able to schedule an appointment to come in for the actual treatment, one that works around your work and social commitments. Treatment takes around 20-60 minutes, as we are very fussy about achieving balance in your face and like to take our time to ensure a beautiful, natural looking result.

What treatments are available for a chin / profile enhancement?

  • Filler to the chin/ jawline/ lower face: To lengthen, project, strengthen, build and blend the lower face, chin and jawline area.
  • Wrinkle relaxers for lower face muscles: to soften a dimpling chin, improve a jawline, relax neck bands, slim a lower face, or lift the sad mouth corners.


Stellar customer service, state of the art technology, and customized approach to each client’s treatment.
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