Vampire Facial

The intriguingly named Vampire Facial may appear to be a bit scary to some, particularly if they base what they think about the treatment on pictures they may have seen on Instagram from the likes of Kim Kardashian. At first glance, it can look either like a treatment gone wrong or some kind of Halloween makeup. In truth, it is neither and can go a long way to improving the elasticity, firmness, and texture of your skin.  

So How Does A Vampire Facial Work?

The reason why the treatment looks so gruesome while it’s happening and why it has such a disconcerting name is that it involves extracting a small quantity of blood and using it on the surface of the skin. You’ll be pleased to know it has nothing at all to do with the Prince of Darkness! In simple terms, you are given a facial using your blood, which is extremely beneficial to the activity of the skin cells of your face. The platelets that are present in the blood are rich in what’s known as ‘growth factors, helping the skin function to work at its optimum levels. 

Is A Vampire Facial Painful?

The procedure is no more painful than a regular facial, aside from the point where blood is taken, referred to in this context as ‘venipuncture’. A sharp scratch is all you’ll feel and that’s the end of the discomfort. What follows is either microdermabrasion or micro needling application, before placing the blood into a centrifuge to separate the extremely useful blood platelets. The solution is then blood is then applied to your face and whilst it sounds mildly disturbing, we can assure you it’s completely normal and very beneficial to your skin condition.  

What Can I Expect After The Treatment? 

The recovery time for a vampire facial is typically around one to two days but can vary depending on how aggressive the micro needling or microdermabrasion was before the facial. You might appear at first glance to be a little sunburnt, which is why we’d strongly recommend using sunscreen before going out after the treatment. What we would suggest you do, however, is apply makeup.  

Is A Vampire Facial Right For Me? 

If you are someone with a high degree of sun damage or if you just want a fresher, more even tone to your skin, then the vampire facial is particularly suited to you. The only time we’d suggest seeking medical advice regarding the procedure is if you have any type of bleeding or clotting conditions that would make the facial potentially unsafe for you. For most, the treatment is completely safe, as it uses the blood of the person it is being performed on. Other than a little discomfort during the drawing of blood or the micro-needling, there is no reason to be concerned.  

Want To Know More About Vampire Facials? 

We’ve answered all the questions we usually get asked about this procedure, but if you have any more or would like a more general chat about treatments available at our medical spa, call our friendly expert team at 714 501 2849. Alternatively, head over to our website to find details of the wide array of high-quality beauty treatments we provide. We look forward to speaking with you.   

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