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Obagi Skin Care Line

Obagi is a line of skin care products which work to treat symptoms related to aging. If you are suffering from wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, age spots, big pores, or dry skin, then Obagi skin care products could very well help you out.

They provide everything that your skin needs to look younger, thanks to their rejuvenating and anti-aging properties. These products are not like the over-the-counter products that you find in retail stores. Obagi skin care products contain very strong and effective ingredients, which is why these products are only available through doctors and medical specialists like us.

The Product Line

Obagi skin care products are typically sold in packages or kits. Each skin care product in the kit will give your skin a particular benefit. For example, the Nu-Derm System contains skincare products which treat the wrinkles and dark spots of aging skin. It contains a gentle cleanser, toner, blender, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Each of these contains their own patented formulas which are unique to Obagi.

There are also kits available for people with sensitive or oily skin too. The Gentle Rejuvenation System is what will be administered to patients with sensitive skin. This kit includes a night repair solution, an SPF 30 sunscreen with Vitamin C, a soothing cleanser, and a cream to calm the skin. There is a mixture of zeatin and kinetin in the products, which are synthetic plant growth factors. These will get your premature skin looking smooth and young again.

What to Expect

Obagi skin care products are recommended to patients in various circumstances. For example, if you have received derma filler injections or some other advanced treatment for the purpose of rejuvenating your skin, you may be prescribed these Obagi skin care products afterward. Their function is to help keep your skin rejuvenated after the main procedure cleared away the worst aspects of your imperfections. If you were to regularly keep using the Obagi products, you will have a lesser chance of developing new imperfections after your initial procedure.

Another situation where Obagi skin care products will be recommended is if your skin is just starting to show signs of aging or imperfections. There is no better time to treat your skin than early on before the imperfections get worse. Obagi skin care products are certainly cheaper than getting an advanced procedure done on your skin. Anyone having reservations about getting injections or facials done might want to try these products first. If they work for you, then you can avoid those other treatments altogether.

Find Out More

Only a specialist will be able to determine if your skin will benefit from Obagi skin care products. People who have waited too long to seek treatment for their aging skin will likely need a more advanced treatment. During your free consultation with our skin care specialist, they will analyze your skin and determine if Obagi skin care products can benefit you. If they cannot, then a recommendation will be given as to which procedure will treat your skin imperfections.

Rest assured that there is a suitable treatment available for just about everybody. Call us today to find out which treatment is suitable for you!


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