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Sun Damaged Skin

If your skin is frequently exposed to sunlight, it will eventually get damaged. People who work outside every day or like to regularly tan on the beach will experience sun damage at some point in their lives. Even if you smother your exposed skin with sunscreen every day, it is not going to completely protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Eventually, all that exposure is going to do its damage on your skin. The symptoms of this damage could be brown spots, redness, and wrinkles in your skin.

There is a type of therapy called “intense pulsed light photo facial treatment” which is designed to reduce these symptoms of sun damage on the facial skin. This is the area that people are sensitive about the most, especially if there is a lot of redness, wrinkles, and brown spots exposed. IPL photo facial work to revitalize the appearance of your facial skin by increasing collagen production in the face and boosting the immune system. As a bonus, it can also work to clear up any skin imperfections which exist on your legs, arms, chest, neck, and hands.

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Future Sessions

It may take multiple sessions to achieve the results that you want. Your skin type will have a lot to do with this. People with fair skin are usually more prone to getting sun damage in comparison to those with darker skin. This means that it will require more IPL sessions to clear away these imperfections in the fairer skin. Each subsequent session will clear up the skin just a little bit more. Keep going until the sun damage has been cleared to the best of its ability. If you only have mild sunspots or other damage, it may only take a few sessions at the most.

After your sun damage has been cleared, it is important that you take precautions whenever you’re out in the sun. This will require you to wear sunscreen, hats, or whatever it takes to protect your skin. However, you should still try to avoid excessive sun exposure whenever you can. If you are someone with fair skin, you probably shouldn’t be working outside for hours every day. Otherwise, you might be susceptible to skin cancer in addition to more sun damage.

Our IPL photo facial treatments can reduce your symptoms of sun damage again if necessary, but it won’t be able to clear your skin cancer. So, always take precautions while out in the sun to avoid this from happening.


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