Acne Scar Treatment

It has been found that nearly 30% of the population suffer from acne and the scarring that it causes and the vast majority of those people will tell you that it has a profound effect on their daily lives. Aside from the discomfort involved, acne can leave behind a scar that stays around long after the inflammation and infection have died down. It is a condition that can also severely impact a person’s confidence. 


Fortunately enough for you, there exists a range of treatments that are available on the market to hugely improve the outward appearance of someone affected by acne scarring. Essentially, acne scarring occurs when the body tries too hard to heal the afflicted area, leading to excessive amounts of collagen being produced. Whilst collagen is a particularly helpful element present in the skin, in this case, it causes a problem as it stays in the area, sometimes permanently, leading to scarring. On occasion, this excess collagen results in just a lightening of skin pigmentation, which may fade over time and won’t feel raised. However, true acne scars tend to feel bumpy, as well as visible. At Sahar Aesthetics, we offer an array of effective treatments suitable for all types of acne scarring. Every procedure is preceded by consultation with one of our qualified technicians who can assess which course of treatment is most suitable for you.  


Well, this will depend on several factors, from the type of skin you have to the degree of scarring you have. This is why we insist on a consultation beforehand with one of our knowledgeable practitioners who can identify the perfect treatment for your needs. It could be that a combination of treatments will be most effective or it could even be that you might have to wait a while before having the procedure because your acne is still deemed as being ‘life’.  


Laser resurfacing is one option that is suitable for the removal of surface cells. It does so in an extremely precise way that targets only the scarred area, leaving the healthy cells around the area unaffected and undamaged. Advanced skin peels are another method that can help to target discoloration, marks, and acne scars. We use TCA Ener Peels, which are designed to penetrate right down to the lower dermis, significantly reducing visible marks on the skin. Micro Needling is also an option, as it stimulates the body to try and heal itself by creating thousands of micro punctures in the skin. This method can hugely reduce the appearance of scar tissue. Microdermabrasion is also effective in reducing scarring, using minute crystals to wear away the uppermost layer of skin cells, and improving the look of the scarred area.  


After your initial consultation, each treatment should last just 45 minutes with a recovery time of around 24 hours and most clients find that 2 treatments will produce the kind of results they are looking for. So, there you have it. Acne scarring can be a difficult condition to live with, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Choose the techniques shown above and you could soon be enjoying blemish-free skin. If you would like to find out more details about the procedures mentioned above, like cost, availability, and so on, why not call our expert team on 714 501 2849 or visit our website for information on the extensive range of beauty services we offer. Our team of experts is ready and waiting and is dedicated to helping you look great and feel younger 

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