What is a Medical Spa and How is it Different from a Traditional Spa?

While providing medical spas in California, we find that many of our new customers have ignored their skin in the past. Not only are they bad at taking care of their skin, but so are many of us. It’s even the most used part, which is sad.  

In our busy lives, we often neglect skincare treatments and put them at the bottom of the list. Constant exposure to the sun and pollution in the air make our skin look old and wrinkled before it should.  

A medical spa can teach people how to take care of their skin every day and give them rejuvenating treatments to keep their skin looking fresh and young. In the last ten years, the spa and cosmetics industries have grown a lot, and more and more people are going to spas and getting cosmetic treatments.   

Nowadays, we’re observing that people are also choosing more and more often to get cosmetic or spa treatments that are supervised by doctors because they are more reliable, and questions can be easily answered by well-trained doctors. These offer alternative beauty and health treatments in a setting that isn’t as typical as a hospital, making the person feel at ease and free of stress.  

Medical spas are a unique mix of medicine and beauty. They offer high-quality cosmetic treatments in a calm and relaxing setting. Doctors recommend and oversee all of the treatments.  

How Does It Differ from a Traditional Spa?  

Traditional spas are known for their calm, peaceful environments and services that make you feel rested and renewed. They offer things like massages, facials, masks, and maybe even nail treatments that you might think of when you think of a relaxing spa day.  

Medical spas, also called Medspas, offer many of the same services and a relaxing atmosphere as regular spas. The main difference is that a medical doctor oversees them. This means that Medspas can and should use tools, products, and technology that regular spas can’t.  

If you just want to clean your face and feel better, you might want to go to a traditional spa. A spa facial is the best facial treatment to clean your skin and make you feel refreshed and energized.  Getting facials regularly is a good idea.  

But if you want to make a lasting change, get rid of scars and discoloration, make veins less noticeable, stop hair growth, or reverse the signs of aging, you’ll need something stronger.  

Traditional spas can’t offer cutting-edge treatments like Laser Genesis®, laser hair removal, true micro-needling, or cosmetic injections like Botox® or fillers. They also can’t do chemical peels as well as medical spas can. These treatments can change more than just the skin’s surface; they can also change the skin from the inside out.  

You should also know that many spas will offer versions of treatments that are lighter and less powerful than medical treatments. Microneedling is a good example of this because it uses needles to puncture the skin on purpose. This needs to be done under the supervision of a doctor. Don’t worry, it’s all to make collagen in the deepest layers of the skin.  


Nanoneedling is a treatment that is now available at traditional spas. It is similar to microneedling, but the needles are shorter. The problem is that the shorter needles don’t go deep enough into the skin to get collagen production going. Nanoneedling can help your skin absorb skincare products, which is important, but it won’t make you look younger like microneedling does.  

If you want to look younger and want to spend money on a micro-needling treatment, make sure you’re getting what you pay for.  

Medical Grade Skincare  

One of the best things about medical spas is that they can use products that are stronger and more concentrated. Medical-grade products have higher concentrations of the active ingredients that make skincare products desirable, like hydrating hyaluronic acid, free radical-fighting Vitamin C, and anti-aging retinol.  

Because of this, these products tend to be more expensive, but they are also more likely to change the tone and texture of your skin noticeably.  


At Sahar Allure, we only use medical-grade skin care products, and we’re proud to be the only place that sells the most effective and research-backed products on the market. The skincare lines we use for any skincare treatment in California have put their products through a lot of testing to make sure they work, are strong, and are clean.

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